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Using one-of-a-kind technology and proven paid social optimization methods, our expert team helps businesses of all sizes profit from millions of dollars in social media advertising campaigns.

Tapcast specializes in scaling customer acquisition on Facebook/Instagram.

Hire our expert team to map, test, optimize, build and scale high-performing audiences for you.

Audience Targeting

Monthly and quarterly plans
Prices start at $1,500/month

Audience Targeting & Ad Ops

Managing your social media advertising is a full-time job. We’ll save you time by doing it for you.

Monthly and quarterly plans
Prices start at $2,500/month

Expert audience targeting is vital for paid social success. Now you can have the tools and support to do it at an affordable price. We’re offering our expert audience targeting and ad operations services and our tech platform for only $499/month, plus a $1,000 set up fee, to a limited number of companies that:

Special Offer for Startup FB Advertisers


Normally $2,500/month

 Join our Startup Program & Save 80%

•    Spend < $1K/month on Facebook ads
•    Have a quality website
•    Produce quality ad content
•    Have product/market fit

Tapcast reserves the right to reject applications, or cancel this Startup Program at any time, for any reason in its sole discretion.

How it works

STEP 1:  We’ll study your business and create an action plan with real, measurable results. Getting to know your business inside out, we’ll create a 90-day action plan so you know exactly what to expect from day one.

STEP 2: We’ll find the audiences with the highest affinities to target. We'll analyze your current and prospective customers to discover the essential dimensions that drive results.

STEP 3:  We'll instrument your Facebook ad account for success. We'll make sure your Facebook pixel is set up properly on your website and create, manage and monitor your Facebook/Instagram campaigns.

STEP 4:  We’ll create audience and content tests to quickly and systematically improve conversions. Once our experts have found an "audience-content" fit, we are ready to scale your campaign based on the goals you have set.

STEP 5: We'll teach you to use dimension marketing to accelerate your growth.  Watch your profits soar when you align audience targeting, ad content and web conversion pages around an essential audience dimension.

STEP 6: We’ll report on growth and answer your questions and concerns. Your Account Manager will keep you up to speed on results with regular check-ins and performance reports.

Tapcast offers cutting-edge solutions that deliver results in the metric that means the most to you: more customers!