Tapcast™ – Format for (Shoppable Online Video) for Influencer Testimonials, Demos and Sales Pitches

Last Updated Date: August 12, 2017

The following describes the format for celebrities, media personalities, and other individuals who have influence over select audiences (“Influencers”) to present by video various products or services for sale or exposition on an associated website or web pages through the Tapcast™ platform (whether viewed by audiences through mobile phone, tablet, computers or other devices (“Device”).

Format Presentation:

A video of the Influencer appears in a video “box” (whether square, rectangular or circular) in a portion of the Device screen (typically in the corner or on the side, but the video can also move around to different parts of the screen), which video box is superimposed over a web page or website, “picture-in-picture” style.

Audiences or “users” viewing the Influencer video and web pages can change the view on their screen to one that features primarily the video with the webpages in the background or without the web pages and instead a button or link to switch back to the “picture-in-picture” view. The user can also minimize the video box and highlight the web page so that the user can focus on what is on the webpage while the video is still playing on a smaller part of the screen. The user can toggle back and forth between these views.

Critically, the user can interact with the web page (such as by clicking on links, signing up, entering information, browsing merchandise, selecting things, making online purchases, etc.) without interrupting or disrupting the video. The video continues to appear on the screen and play uninterrupted while the user interacts with the web pages. Likewise, when the user highlights the video, the user does not interrupt what is happening on the web pages.

The video can determine what web pages are called up and shown to the user at a given time in order to coordinate with what is then being shown on the video. Producers of the video can provide for such coordination when making and editing the video.

Format Content – Influencer Testimonials, Demos & Pitches:

The video features a testimonial, demonstration and/or pitch by the Influencer. Typically the video shows a close up of the Influencer while he or she is talking. The video may then pan out from time to time to show the Influencer demonstrating or using products or services or performing other pitch-related activities.

In the video, the Influencer may start by telling a story or relating something interesting to hook the audience and capture their attention and interest in the subject of the presentation. The Influencer may start to describe, show and demonstrate the products or services in the video. The Influencer may give a pitch extolling the benefits of the product or service.

The Influencer on the video will refer to products, services or other subject matter shown or described on the web pages and the web pages may contain additional information to supplement the video presentation that the user sees while watching the video.

The Influencer on the video will make one or more calls for action to the user at various points in the video such as asking the user to buy something, sign up or subscribe, click on a link or do something else on the web pages.

On the web pages, throughout the time when the video is playing, the user can view or interact with the content of the web page while simultaneously continuing to watch and/or listen to the video at the same time.

Users can look up more detailed information regarding something on the video or search for different styles, colors or choices with respect to a product discussed on the video. The user can browse products and services and associated information, sign up for things, click on links or buttons, and make purchases, all while the video is showing and running on the same screen.

The video can refer directly to the web page as the user is interacting with it. This allows the Influencer to provide step-by-step instructions or encourage follow through by the user. The result is a more interactive video presentation that enables simultaneous shopping by the viewer – a “shoppable video”.

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