Play the right video for the right audience at the right time and improve conversions. Experiment and optimize with no coding or IT support.

Multiply Website Conversions with Targeted Video

Convert More Customers with Targeted Video

Play targeted influencer and marketing videos picture-in-picture, in-context on your website and increase conversions for Facebook posts, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google search ads and email campaigns.

Tapcast Improves Social Ad Conversions 

70% to 270%

Get More from Your Marketing Videos

Captivate website visitors with picture-in-picture, in-context storytelling 

Increase ROI by playing right video for right audience at right time

Boost email and digital marketing conversion rates with Tapcast

Connect your social media to targeted videos and make more sales

The Advantages of 

Targeted Video

Targeted video lets you play different videos for different audiences without making any changes to your website, test which videos perform best with which audiences and ads, and optimize video-driven conversions with no coding or IT support.

Understand target audiences and build audiences based on people who resonate with your videos and act.

Don’t waste your marketing efforts and advertising dollars on the wrong people. Learn more about the people who respond to your videos so you can target more people like them.

Get Actionable Audience Insights

Visualize your viewers and buyers with high fidelity heatmaps using 100s of demographic and psychographic parameters.

Objectively measure influencers based on actual viewer behavior at a much higher resolution than ever before.



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Increase Website Conversions with Targeted Video 


Up your conversion game with more features and plays.  Play up to 5,000 monthly targeted videos on unlimited web pages on up to three top-level domains.

Tapcast will scale with you as your business grows. Add more plays any time for $20 per 1,000.

Unlimited email and phone technical support




For growth-focused
brands and entrepreneurs






How many simultaneous videos can I play on a page or my website?  

You can run unlimited number of simultaneous / parallel videos.  There’s no limit.

How many different domains can I use with Tapcast?

You can use one top level domain with free plan, three top level domains with Growth plan and up to an unlimited number of top level domains with the Premier plan.

Use Tapcast free for an unlimited period of time







What are targeted video plays?

This is the number of website visitors that are shown your targeted videos. For example, if you play targeted videos on your main product page for everyone, which is 1,000 visitors per month; then 1,000 will be counted as your targeted video plays. If you play targeted videos for 4,000 visitors to your landing page plus 1,000 visitors to your main product page, your total targeted video plays will be 5,000. You can play targeted videos for all visitors or only for specific audiences and ad groups.

For large enterprises and agencies

or $99 month-to-month

Play up to 1,000 targeted videos per month on one web page for free. No expiring trial, contract, or credit card required.

If you want more plays or pages you can pay-as-you-go in $15 increments or upgrade to Growth plan.

Unlimited email technical support

Quantity pricing for high volume advertisers. Use Tapcast on any number of web pages and top-level domains.

Audience heat maps

$500 in advanced analytics consulting

Unlimited email and phone technical support

Dedicated account manager

Frequently Asked Questions 

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