Tapcast helps you understand, influence and acquire customers at scale.

Insight-Optimized Paid Social Marketing

Deconstruct your audiences into their essential dimensions (building blocks) and discover the core attributes that drive action.

Paid Social Optimization

Use audience insights and evidence-based optimization to profitably scale your business.

Find More Customers and Keep Them Clicking

Systematically organize, analyze and optimize your audiences and content to improve ad results and profitably scale your business. 


Audience Map™

Los Angeles Activation Results

Nov 7 - Dec 23, 2017

Paid Social is Sweeter with Tapcast

Facebook Ad Spend:  $105,700

Number of Tickets Sold: 48,669

Ticket Revenues: $1,416,000
Return on Ad Spend:  13.1X

Find and validate brands and influencers with overlapping and desirable new audiences to target.

Deconstruct Your Audiences

Fine-Tune Your Ad Targeting

Profitably Scale Your Business

H O W   A U D I E N C E  M A P  W O R K S

Discover the key attributes that influence sales and find hidden customer segments to target.

Turn Audience Insights into Profits

Instantly analyze and improve your Facebook ad targeting specs for more conversions.

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For start-ups and aspiring social advertisers

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What's included:

What's included:




For enterprises and larger agencies

For larger brands and digital marketing pros 

Are you looking to outsource your paid social advertising or bring and manage it in-house? We offer both managed onboarding and a full managed service. To learn more about these options

Managed Onboarding

We offer a low-risk way to bring and manage your social advertising operations in-house. Our objective is to help your team learn as much as possible to run successful campaign management operations on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We will provide our best knowledge about audience insights and optimization to help you run an effective, streamlined paid social operation at scale.

Full Managed Service

We offer managed service using the Tapcast platform for selected customers. This service is built on top of our expertise on understanding and optimizing social audiences and advertising. We are extremely committed to supporting our customers in achieving their goals and we will do our best to provide maximum transparency and a strong proactive approach to improve results on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


Audience Map™ 

Audience trimmer

Ad set optimizer

Unlimited Facebook ad accounts

Persona panels (85 dimensions)

Influencer panels (100 influencers)

Brand panels (85 brands)

15 maps per month

Targeted Video™

2 top-level domains

Unlimited email support


Paid Social Marketing Services


Everything in Starter Plan


More persona panels (+125 dimensions)

More influencer panels (+800 influencers)

More brand panels (+800 brands)

More maps (+30 maps)

More domains (+3 domains)

Unlimited phone support


Everything in Premium Plan


Unlimited maps

Unlimited top-level domains

Custom integrations

Paid social optimization services

Dedicated account manager


Discover your audience's essential dimensions

Find hidden customer segments

Understand influencer and brand audiences

Deconstruct Your Audiences

Tapcast Paid Social Optimization Methodology

Classify and tag content and copy

Systematically combine and test audience dimensions and content to improve conversions

Use a test-learn-repeat approach to optimize influencer content

Optimize with Experiments

Continually test and optimize target audiences, key content metrics and influencer conversions

Use targeted video to increase website conversions

Rapidly scale up ad spend with profitable unit economics

Profitable Unit Economics

Paid Social Marketing

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