Know Your Audience

Tapcast helps you understand, influence, and acquire customers.

Visualize audiences in higher fidelity than ever before. Better understand your customers, find new audiences, inform content strategy and improve influencer performance.

Systematically test and optimize audiences and content. Improve key conversion metrics. Rapidly scale up ad spend with profitable unit economics.

Play the right video for the right audience at the right time and convert more customers. Experiment and optimize with no coding or IT support.


Paid Social Optimization

Improve Your Results

Targeted VideoTM

Scale your business, boost influencer conversion rates, and get more from your social advertising spend.

See how Tapcast helped Candytopia activate its Los Angeles candy museum and generate $1.2M in sales from $95K in Facebook ads in 30 days.

Candytopia Gets Sweet Results

Case Study

Multiply the Power of Video

Play influencer and marketing videos picture-in-picture, in-context on your website and improve your conversion rates.

Entice on your social channels. Engage and close on your website.

The Advantages of 

Targeted Video

Place one line of code on your website and test and play an unlimited number of influencer-generated and brand-generated videos on your pages with no more coding or IT support.

Targeted Video Improves Ad Conversions 

70% to 270%

Visualize your audiences with high fidelity heatmaps

Uncover hidden audience segments and opportunities 

Identify the most relevant influencers and partnerships

Paid Social Optimization Methodology

Audience Insights

Experiment and optimize which ad messages, images and videos perform best with which audiences

Understand and optimize your key conversion metrics

Uncover most profitable influencer opportunities

Optimize with Experiments

Target most profitable audiences with best performing content and influencers

Use targeted video to increase website conversions

Rapidly scale up ad spend with profitable unit economics

Profitable Unit Economics

Skyrocket Paid Social Conversions

Replace digital guesswork with evidence-based experimentation and optimization. Get conversion rates up to 10X better than industry averages.

Know Your Audience

Improve Your Results

Grow Your Market

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