The Simplest Way To Find and Scale Profitable Facebook Audiences

Play targeted marketing and influencer videos picture-in-picture, in-context on your website to increase conversions.   

Targeted Video™

Audience Map™

Discover the core attributes that drive conversions by deconstructing your audiences into their essential dimensions ("Audience Blocks")

Audience Builder™

Use targetable, reusable Audience Blocks and Custom Blocks to optimize current audiences and build profitable new ones from scratch.

Get More from Your Ad Spend with Tapcast’s Tools to Map, Build and Convert Target Audiences

Professional Event Organizers Love Tapcast

Facebook/Instagram Ad Spend:  $105,700

Number of Tickets Sold: 48,669

Ticket Revenues: $1,416,000
Return on Ad Spend:  13.1X

Los Angeles Activation Campaign (30 Days)

H O W   T A P C A S T   W O R K S

Know Your Audience

Fine-Tune Your Targeting

Profitably Grow Your Business

Discover the essential dimensions that drive sales and find more customers at scale.

Turn Audience Insights into Profits

Quickly analyze and optimize your Facebook ad targeting specs for more conversions.

Use optimized audiences and targeted video to drive better ad performance and more profits.

Some of Our 200+ Customers

"Tapcast has been absolutely amazing.  We lowered the CAC by over 50% in the first days of the first campaign that we setup using Tapcast’s Audience Map.  After just one weekend running the campaigns we have already moved to a 4-5x ROI on Facebook ads and I completely see how we are going to use the system to get to 10x.  More than that, unlike with the lookalike audience from Facebook, now I know exactly who my customer is and why they are purchasing allowing me to really talk directly to my customer.  Thank you guys so much."

Dr. Aditya Nagrath PhD

CEO & Co-Founder, Elephant Learning

Your Ad Targeting Tools for Growth

Plans for brands, event organizers and agencies of all sizes




Start improving your ad results today!


For enterprises and large agencies

Tapcast Audience Map

Tapcast Audience Builder

Tapcast Audience Blocks

Tapcast Custom Blocks

 1 User

2 Facebook Ad Accounts

Dedicated Support







More tools, more users, more accounts, more expert support







Starting at

What's included:

Tapcast Audience Map

Tapcast Audience Builder
Tapcast Audience Blocks
Tapcast Custom Blocks
Tapcast Targeted Video

Tapcast Brand Comparison Maps

Tapcast Influencer Comparison Maps

5 Users

10 Facebook Ad Accounts

10 Top Level Domains

Dedicated Support

2 Sessions with a Tapcast Targeting Expert ($600 Value)

What's included:

Everything in Premium Plan


Any Size Team

Unlimited Facebook Ad Accounts

Custom Integrations

Dedicated Account Manager

Concierge Onboarding

What's included:

No credit card required

Accelerate Your Growth with Tapcast's Ad Targeting Coaching

  • Analyze and optimize current audiences (lookalike, custom, retargeting, etc.).
  • Interpret and apply Audience Map insights to improve your ad targeting specs.
  • Build new audiences from scratch for prospecting campaigns, event activations and product launches.
  • Increase the size of your addressable market by smartly using Audience Blocks and Custom Blocks.
  • Improve your paid social strategy and performance by getting expert, unbiased input and recommendations.

  • Meet bi-weekly or weekly with your dedicated Tapcast targeting expert.
  • Get an Ad Targeting Report each meeting that outlines recommendations from our data science team. See example here.
  • Get expert help from our data science team with your high value initiatives (activate new market, build target audiences for new product, etc.).
  • Get immediate responses and guidance by email and chat Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm Pacific Time.

Tapcast Experts Can Help You:

Data-Driven, Actionable Insights:





2 monthly sessions. Up to 3 hours from data science team.

Bi-Weekly Plan





  4 monthly sessions. Up to 6 hours from data science team.

Weekly Plan

Find and Scale Profitable Facebook Audiences

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