Tapcast Improves Social Ad Conversions 

70% to 270%

Convert More Clicks. Make More Money.  

Take your video marketing to the next level. Connect your calls-to-action to compelling marketing and influencer videos synchronized with your website, and convert more viewers into buyers.

Multiply Your Conversions with Targeted Video/Web Experiences

Play different influencer and marketing videos on the same landing page for different ads and audiences without making any changes to your website. Experiment and optimize without any coding or technical support.

Unlock the Value of Your Marketing Video

Create picture-in-picture video guided shopping experiences

Increase ROI on your influencer and activation videos 

Boost email and text campaign conversion rates

Improve Instagram, Facebook and Google Search ad conversions

Video Driven Conversions

Play your marketing and influencer videos, picture-in-picture, in-context on your website and skyrocket your conversions. 

Understand target audiences and build audiences based on people who resonate with your videos and act.

Don’t waste your marketing efforts and advertising dollars on the wrong people. Learn more about the people who respond to your videos so you can target more people like them.

Get Actionable Audience Insights

Visualize your viewers and buyers with high fidelity heatmaps using 100s of demographic and psychographic parameters.

Objectively measure influencers based on actual viewer behavior at a much higher resolution than ever before.



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2k *Tapcast views/mo

+ $100 for each 2k extra

Increase Conversions with Tapcast 






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Use Tapcast free for an unlimited period of time

500 *Tapcast views/mo



For growth-focused
brands and entrepreneurs


20k *Tapcast views/mo

+$100 for each 4k extra



For enterprises and high volume advertisers

*Tapcast views are views in Tapcast player after a viewer clicks on a social ad, email call-to-action, etc.

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